Minecraft - All LEGO Creeper Minifigures

A creeper is one of the most common mobs. It is hostile to players and tries to sneak up to them and explode. They do not only damage players but also constructions. The LEGO Minecraft creeper is also one of the most popular Minecraft Minifigures. It is readily available and not so expensive.

Charged Creeper
A charged creeper is a mob that does not appear often in Minecraft. It is a regular creeper that has been struck by lightning or hit by a trident with the channelling enchantment. It looks like a regular creeper that has a force field around itself.
LEGO created this effect by making the head and the arm trans light blue.

Charged Creeper
An exploding creeper is a creeper that is the process of exploding. It has already turned red.

Enchanted Creeper
Is a Minecraft Dungeons mob that has been enchanted. It is glowing and slightly bigger. The LEGO Enchanted Creeper has this glowing effect by having a trans dark purple head.