LEGO Piece 26047, Plate, Mod 1 x 1 Rounded with Handle


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LEGO piece 26047 is part of our LEGO Parts and Pieces offerings.

It is a plate, Modified 1 x 1 Rounded with Handle. The MPN product code is 26047. The piece is often used in LEGO animals, a great example in the Minecraft turtle from set 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure, where the piece is used to make the legs of the turtle moveable. Another great use case is to use it as a tailpiece, e.g. the tail of the deer in set 40484 Santa’ front yard. Recently it has been used to make the heads of the goats moveable in the Goat Boat of the new Thor movie. The piece also can make tails moveable as in our favourite LEGO Minecraft animal: the fox.

LEGO piece 26047 became a meme when TikToker @boyfriend.xmi made a video showing that the piece resembles an Among Us imposter. You can read all about why LEGO piece 26047 became a meme here. Other LEGO pieces that became memes are LEGO piece 32557, LEGO piece 98989 and LEGO piece 53586.


About condition:

All LEGO pieces are out of their original package. New Means they have only been handled to be repackaged. Used means that have been played with but are in good condition.